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Beginning in the late 1970s and through the early 1990s, 100 Americans who served in Allied Occupied Japan (1945-1952) were interviewed by Marlene Mayo, then Professor of History at the University of Maryland, about their experiences in Japan. These interviews were donated to the Gordon W. Prange Collection and now constitute the Marlene J. Mayo Oral Histories. Included are interviews with Donald Richie and Beate Sirota Gordon, both recently deceased. Coincidentally, the papers of Leo Sirota, Beate Sirota Gordon’s father, were recently donated to the International Piano Archives at the University of Maryland.

The website was created by Valentina Mazzotti using Omeka publishing platform for a collaborative project between the Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture and The University of Maryland Libraries’ Gordon W. Prange Collection. The intent of the project is to enhance accessibility to these valuable first-hand accounts of the Occupation of Japan on the University of Maryland campus and beyond.